I have a terrible habit of hiding my people in loose, unidentifiable clothing. Figures are hard ok? Will probably not finish this later.
Also, someone be my 200th follower?
Messy Legend of Korra study. Ban on colour picker, learned a lot as a result. Original by Fred Stewart
Uncomfortable bus stop encounters
Speedboar/speedpaint. Lady Iboshi’s guys are in trouble
Generic composition number 42357, about 3hrs this evening. Because speedpainting beats out the prospect of speed dating
Quick sketch after looking at lots of Kazuo Oga. The levitation square is cool for the first few minutes - but once you’re up, how do you get down?
Brief interviews with hideous men, Volume 1
Ugh, is it dead? More speedpainting laughs

Early Summer Clifftop Pinks
Pastel, 8 x 8 inches.  Currently unframed
Finished this today, it’s raining outside so it felt good to be working in vibrant colours. Takes me straight back to the summer.

Guys, my Mum got tumblr and she’s a landscape artist who works traditionally. I respect the hell out of this - partially because I’m a mumma’s boy and respect comes by default - but also because traditional media takes so much damn patience.
Somehow she finds the time to be a rad mum to me and my little sister, work at the hospital and crank out these pieces for exhibition in Cornwall. I don’t normally reblog anything that isn’t my work, but Mum is the best, ok? Ok.
More speedpainting. I should address this ‘figure looks away from the camera at the object’ recurrence. The next one will be more dynamic, I promise.